Blanket Term/Umbrella Term

blanket term: A word or phrase used to describe a broad range of similarly related things, usually resulting in diluting...

A Load of Bunk

What a load of bunk or what a bunch of bunk Nonsense or insincerity. Bunk is an abbreviation of the...


下面的单词都可以用来表示高端或高档 high-end upscale high-toned tony

Fashion Boutique, Boutique Investment Bank

Boutique: a small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories. 时装店,精品店 a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele. a...

Elevator Pitch

elevator pitch: a succinct and persuasive sales pitch.

Down the Rabbit Hole

In a nut shell, going “down the rabbit-hole” represents embarking on an adventure. You go further and further down the...

Bungee Jumping 蹦极跳

Bungee, 蹦极。在新西兰被称为 bungy.

Piranha 食人鱼

piranha 食人鱼,a flesh-eating, ferocious fish, 常见于巴西,委内瑞拉等南美洲国家。 flesh-eating piranha money-making site suriname: 苏里南 dark and murky waters 阴暗混浊的水 without any provocation ...

Compensation vs Remuneration

Compensation 指的是因工伤而支付给员工的赔偿金(补偿金),remuneration是指因员工为公司所做的工作而支付的报酬。compensation的动词形式是compensate,意为补偿,补救。remuneration的动词形式是remunerate,意思是支付劳务报酬。 Salary: 工资,薪水 commission: 佣金 bonus: 奖金 enumerate 枚举 For more detailed comparison, see this page.      

Rave 音乐狂舞

talk wildly or incoherently, as if one were delirious or insane speak or write about someone or something with great...

Sole Proprietorship

Business structure for small business Sole Proprietor (个人独资经营), no partner or investor LLC C-Corp

Commission, Decommission

Commission 有多种意思: 委员会 佣金 使服役,比如让某艘船服役 decommission呢,就是使退役,比如让某艘船退役,让某软件退役。 We wish you to have the best experience with Skype, so old versions of...

Double Dating

Double dating:  

Speed dating

Speed dating is an event where a lot of people come together. 闪约 I have never been on speed dating....

Blind date: Should I set you up?

A blind date is to go on a date with someone you have never seen. You have never seen the...