Throughout 作为副词的用法

我们一般都熟悉 throughout 作为介词时的用法,即 throughout + 名词 ( throughout this course). 它还可以作为副词。 这时它的意义如下: everywhere:  The apartments are of one color throughout....

Blow it out of the water

Blow someone or something out of the water: to defeat utterly 大获全胜,完败 overwhelming victory against the enemy.


deposition: the action of deposing someone, especially a monarch. 革职,下台 the process of giving sworn evidence 宣誓作证

Guacamole 鳄梨色拉

Guacamole: an Avocado-based salad

Avocado 鳄梨

Avocado: alligator pear 鳄梨

Get traction / Gain traction

the support or interest that is needed for something to make progress or succeed a product that is starting to...


bloke: a man, fellow Word Origin and History for bloke. n. “fellow,” 1851, London slang, of unknown origin, perhaps from...


wacky: funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way. Word Origin and History for wacky. “crazy, eccentric,” 1935,...

Getting ahead of oneself

to do or say something sooner than it ought to be done so that the proper explanation or preparations have...