Daily Grind

daily grind: One’s daily work routine, especially when it is tiresome. I’m so thrilled to be off next week –...

Strike while the iron is hot

(metallurgy, blacksmithing,literally) To strike a hot piece of metal, especially iron, with a mallet or other tool before it cools,...

quick vs quickly

I will sum it up really quick.  

Soap Dispenser

hand soap dispenser dish soap dispenser                

Bathroom Vanity, Countertop, Finish, Chisel, Putty

vanity:a bathroom unit consisting of a washbasin typically set into a counter with a cabinet beneath. wood shim

Hit the Ground Running

hit the ground running: hit the ground running: to immediately work hard and successfully at a new activity

Health & Wellness Retreats

retreat: a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax. 休养、度假的地方。

Cut and Dried

cut and dried:



Papal Infallibility

infallibility: inability of making mistakes or being wrong

Alive and Kicking!

alive and kicking: (informal) prevalent and very active If you say that someone or something is alive and kicking, you are emphasizing not only that they continue to survive, but...