Phrasal Verbs

At Odds With

in conflict or at variance.

lock onto 锁定

locate (a target) by radar or similar means and then track. or lock in on: if a missile or a...

Holdup 持枪抢劫

holdup: a robbery that is done using a gun, a robbery carried out at gunpoint.  

Tick off

to mark with a tick (British); check off (American); to mark (something) with a written tick (✓) to make someone...

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Phrase verbs = verb + particle

Forge Ahead/Forge On 永不止步

Forge ahead 或 forge on 的意思是继续前进或取得进步,to continue moving forward or making progress. 有时也指突然取得很大的进步。

Mess Around With

Mess around with something to use or treat something in a careless or harmful way: Mess around with someone engage...

Mull Over: Ponder, Think Over

Mull over: (slightly informal) to think about something for a period of time. 认真琢磨,反复思考

Phrasal Verb: Set forth

set forth (formal)    1. To present for consideration; propose: set forth a sound plan.    2. To express in...

Have no problem/issue with

Have no problem/issue with

(I have) no problem with that. That is okay with me. Richard Stallman ‘basically’ has no problem with the NSA using...

Cross-Check vs Double-Check

To cross-check is defined as to verify or confirm something using alternative sources of information. When you double check the...

pass muster with

pass muster: to measure up to the required standards. Meet a required standard, as in That yard cleanup won’t pass muster...



总需求    aggregate demand 货币政策  monetary policy                              ...

什么是all-out war?

什么是all-out war?

all-out 的解释 1 美国传统英语词典释义: using all available means or resources 用尽所有的方法或资源 如: an all-out sprint 全力冲刺  an all-out conservation program...

Get Back on Track, A Bolt of Lightning

Get Back on Track, A Bolt of Lightning

get back on track 步入正轨,回归正轨  get life back on track 使生活步入正轨 how to get your life back on track They...